is an integral part of defining a brand or communication strategy and a plan.  Conceptualizing is based on various factors like clients brief, market research, competitive analysis etc. Basing concepts on concrete study is a validation for authenticity. Obtaining deep customer insight is a critical component of successful marketing, and is often a source of competitive […]

Facebook Funnel

This blog is only for those who understand the basics of Facebook Advertising. Social Media is arguably one of the most powerful tools to expand your business horizons. The pioneering platform in these activities is undoubtedly, Facebook Advertising. As you may know, Facebook Advertising provides extremely cost-effective tangible results if done correctly. There are multiple […]


To curate is to sort, sift through, sharpen and manage. This process begins once the branding thought process is clear. Converting thoughts into action entails a whole lot of organizing. From budget allocation, defining calendars, creating templates to briefing design and copy teams to work cohesively to ensure a unified output. Brand building is being persistent […]

Amazon PPC

Welcome to the world of E-commerce Marketing! Let’s break this up for you. Biggest E-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Ebay etc. have their own marketing setup. This means you (as a seller) can advertise your products on these websites! How does this work on Amazon? The highest impact of advertising comes with an algorithm […]

Amazon vs Website

Are you an online retailer of consumer products? Do you have your own e-commerce setup? Are you facing difficulties in pushing your product despite multiple digital marketing activities? Do you feel you have wasted your time & money into developing your website for far too long without any tangible results? Well, if your answer to […]