The Psychology of Visual Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Social media platforms today are all about visual content. Brands rely heavily on visual content to draw the attention of their audiences. These images can elicit emotions that then play a part in memory building and long-term brand awareness. Visual content has a fantastic ability to trigger parts […]

The Role of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

It’s really as simple as anything that is designed, is created with intention!When it comes to digital marketing, the internet is flooded with images and videos trying to find the ideal audience to swipe or shop or sign up. Some ads stand apart and make you pause and take notice, while some you scroll past […]

Snapchat Blog

If we were in 2015, as an agency, we would overwhelmingly sell Snapchat marketing to you. Over the years, Snapchat has been rolling out its business features in a way that has made the platform more relevant to business houses ranging from entertainment and sports to even apparel industries. A highly debatable question would be, […]

KICKSTARTING SEO – 6 Hacks to get you started

Patience is an SEO virtue. It takes time to deliver visible results and hence dissuades entrepreneurs from investing in professional SEO services. However, by incorporating a few effective strategies one can expedite the process. In this blog, we’ll be discussing 6 SEO hacks that will help scale your business.Hack #1: Increase Page Loading Speed Reducing […]

Importance of Optimisations in Digital Marketing

As the world of digital is the new hand of global scope, we should understand the main aspect involved in driving sales and setting marketing campaigns apart. Welcome to the world of digital marketing optimizations. To begin with, what are optimizations? And why are they necessary? Optimization is the key to understanding your audience’s likes/interests […]

How to Incorporate Meme Marketing in your Social Media Content

Memes are now becoming native to social media platforms, with more and more brands starting to engage in them. They are not only funny but also entertaining and easy to consume. Currently they are the hottest content currency online and thus it’s high time your brand too starts integrating this understated strategy. Everything worth producing […]

Difference between SEO & SEM

We often confuse SEM AND SEO to mean the same thing. However, the two are very different marketing channels with different meanings, used by businesses in order to increase their reach on platforms such as Google. However, to gain a deeper understanding of their roles we need to understand the purpose of the two. Both […]

A guide for start-ups: Brand establishment, Customer acquisition, Scaling

The year 2020 seems like something akin to a bad omen. The year of neverending lockdowns, of fear and uncertainty, of being away from loved ones, of no social life and of the pandemic looming on our heads- larger than ever. However, the year 2020 also saw the highest number of unicorn startups in India- […]

9 upcoming trends in the world of Digital Marketing

2020 saw a boom in the digital marketing industry, with new startups and a significant increase in the amount of people who began to take interest in the industry. Traditional means of door-to-door marketing were out of the question and with people stuck in their homes due to the pandemic, digital marketing on various social […]