KICKSTARTING SEO – 6 Hacks to get you started

Patience is an SEO virtue. It takes time to deliver visible results and hence dissuades entrepreneurs from investing in professional SEO services. However, by incorporating a few effective strategies one can expedite the process. In this blog, we’ll be discussing 6 SEO hacks that will help scale your business.

Hack #1: Increase Page Loading Speed

Reducing page loading time must be of top priority while planning a winning SEO strategy.
A slow-loading website can considerably hamper the user experience and discourage them to buy a product or service from your website. A recent survey revealed that with just one second of delay you’d be lowering your conversion rate by 7%. Wow, that number is too whopping to turn a blind eye. Hence, don’t expect your users to wait endlessly for your web page to load, speed it up and see the results you get in return.

Hack #2: Human First Policy

Bloggers and SEO experts are still following the old school practice of impressing search engines like Google to achieve high rankings. However, to obtain measurable results from your SEO efforts, your approach needs to be human-first, and not search engines. Search engines have become smarter than ever, they have improved their search algorithms to detect the keyword material in your content that push your website down. For this reason, efforts need to be made to better engage with your clients over social media. The more you connect with humans, the higher you rank for your preferred set of keywords. Hence, significant importance should be given to creating reader-worth content, then the keywords.

Hack #3: Quality Link Building

Link building is still considered the backbone of an SEO strategy which involves getting other websites to link to yours. The secret here is to get more quality links as that’s the way you rank higher on Google. And in order to do so, one needs to produce user-friendly, engaging content, encouraging people to share their content over different social media channels and platforms. If you put in the time and effort to create a single content piece, bloggers would easily want to give you inbound links. Link building isn’t about getting links unnecessarily with old-school SEO tactics, but it’s about generating quality content and then thinking about obtaining authoritative backlinks. Once you achieve that, internet users will themselves become your word of mouth.

HACK #4: Reader-Friendly and Meaningful URLs

Each URL on your website or blog section has to be clear and communicative to users. Yes, have keywords in it, but ensure that your users can understand what the entire website is about from the URL itself. The algorithms of top search engines like Google are like infants that need to spoon-feed; therefore, create meaningful and easy to read URLs. But, at the same time, ascertain that URLs are not too long, as users don’t have a great attention span to read lengthy URLs, keep it short and crisp.

HACK #5: Improve your Social Media & Social Signals

While social media is integral to your SEO strategy, social signals are something you got to focus on. Yes, social signals are not a part of Google’s search engine algorithms, however, they play a big role when it comes to SEO rankings. Several case studies and reports published in the recent past link the impact of likes, shares, and comments to website rankings. To improve social signals & create user-friendly content that people find worthy of sharing across various social media platforms. Add the share button and make sure it’s visible on your website. Always tell people to share your content, and host regular social media contests to engage more users.

HACK #6: Optimize your Websites Images

The visual content on your website assists in engaging and attracting users. Optimized images on the other hand help in improving the page load speed and the user experience, thereby boosting the websites’ SEO ranking. Some crucial elements to keep in mind while implementing the image optimization SEO hack would be to first name the files using jargon-free and simple language. Followed by a descriptive image name. Having the right keywords in images too can considerably boost your SERP ranking.

These 6 hacks are proof that SEO is neither hard nor expensive. Using these tricks we can ramp up the process without spending a fortune. All you need is a genuine effort, analyzing performance regularly, and taking dynamic actions to improve rankings. By incorporating a few SEO best practices, businesses can drive more traffic to their website and increase the visibility of their brand.

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